What Would Gneeecey Do?




Scenario # 1:  A little old lady, lugging a humongous handbag, has fallen and can’t get up. She’s flat on her back, arms and legs flailing, in the middle of Perswayssick City’s main drag, Murgatroyd Avenue. 


Scenario # 2:  Gneeecey has left  his goonafish melt hero sandwich in author Vicki's car overnight, during a heatwave. She mails him the fumigator's rather large bill. Will The Grate One handle this situation with grace?



What do you think Gneeecey would do?

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WWGD? Sez Don Jibaro: “The lady is flat on her back... so most likely Da' Gneeez would ask her if she wants him to remove the huge handbag from her chest... for a small fee, of course... before he helps her getting up from the floor... for another fee, of course... then he would ask her "Heycha, what's in the bag?" ...then he'd open the bag himself and start throwing stuff out, pantaloons, sandwiches, a cuckoo clock, etc., looking for the flabbergasted old lady's COIN PURSE... and upon finding it, he'd say "Small purse for such a big bag."

WWGD? Sez Gneeecey: “Yupperooney, Don Jibaro—I could stinkin’ proboobably see me doin’ somethin’ like that!”



WWGD? Sez Frank G.: “Knowing Gneeecey, he'd probably feed the spoiled sandwich to the old lady, take the money out of her purse and put the fumigator's bill in, and leave her kicking and screaming in the middle of Murgatroyd Avenue.”


WWGD? Sez Gneeecey: “Good stinkin’ thinkin’, Frank. Even I—The Grate One—didn’t think of stickin’ the ol’ lady wit’ the fumigatin’ bill. Nice touch!!!”


































"Bad morning to ya, Vicki. I'm enjoying your book and feel like I'm learning a whole new language, while experiencing an 'Exponential Dimensional Event' and 'Tripled Dimensional Displacement' in a 'Primary Dimensional Transgressor.'

"The Getaway That Got Away is outrageously amusing. It reminds me of Dr. SeussAlice in Wonderland, and Grimms' Fairy Tales, all wrapped up in one amazing adventure, and I'm only a third of the way through the book.

"Felicidades and thank you so much for the fun read."

Paz y salud, Sergiot

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"Z for zany!"            

"Derf" Goldstein

“A super fun and whimsical story…  I could tell that you spent a lot of time thinking about the world you were creating here, so kudos to you.  Your aliens were a ton of fun. I especially liked Flea…  Has a nice conversational tone… The writing flows. The visual quality is especially commendable…  The mixed-up malapropos that the aliens use were very funny… Some great things happening…a really fun read.”

Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards, October 2013

Planet Eccchs pals Sooperflea and Gneeecey greeting each other. Illustration © 1996-2019 by Vicki Sola

The sequel to The Getaway that Got Away is here!

Our brave protagonist, young Nicki Rodriguez discovers, quite accidentally, that she possesses quantum powers! And she won't

be takin' orders from Gneeeecey no mo'!


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