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“Get ready for another trip into the wild world created by Vicki Solá. If you enjoyed The Getaway That Got Away, you’ll love her newest book even more!”

–Judy DeAngelis 



“Imagination to the tenth power!


“Vicki Sola’s You Can’t Unscramble the Omelet is a mind-bending trip to a world populated with characters perhaps even more bizarre than the inhabitants of Alice’s Wonderland.

“In this sequel to The Getaway That Got Away, the protagonist, ever-besieged Nicki (Ig) Rodriguez, once again finds herself as literally out of her element as possible. In the first book, it was a struggle for the beleaguered Nicki to cope in the upside-down world of the self-absorbed and thoroughly disagreeable Gneeecey, a canine-humanoid with a vocabulary that would have Dr. Seuss flashing a double thumbs-up. But that experience was merely a warm-up for the strife she encounters as she and Gneeecey are catapulted into a new dimension, where they confront smarmy and delightfully sinister duplicates of themselves. And their mirror-images are not happy to meet them.

“Their resulting ordeal and chaos-ridden efforts to escape their plight makes for a wild, funny, and continuously entertaining ride. If you enjoy getting lost in a world of fertile imagination, treat yourself to the amazing mind of this gifted author.”

 –J.F. Pandolfi, Mr. Pizza (author)



“If you thought that Solá’s wacky aliens couldn’t get any funnier, guess again! Just when Nicki thought she had everything back to normal, reality gets a whole new dimension, and we’re off again!”

J. Salter, The 100 Most Influential People Who Never Lived (coauthor)



“Humanoid dog, parallel universe, multi-dimensions; the world, sometimes frantic action and humor of author Vicki Solá, is a delightful read. Her fantasy, use of dialogue, and fresh narrative make the fantastic seem like walking the dog in the park; if by dog, you mean thoroughly untrained humanoid dog with a sassy mouth; and if by park, you mean multi-dimensional chaos; and if by walk, you mean travel with no obvious way home. As you begin this read, be prepared to be hyper-expressingly unpertiminadated.”

Steven Swank (who does many things, author The Horse Knows and Unfold: Selected Poems, 2014-2016, and



“If you need a change of pace from all the news, real and fake, that's swirling around us, then I recommend you read this book. Its upside down, alternate universe will keep a smile on your face and turning the pages. Lose yourself in the colorful world of Gneeecey and the silliest people? you'll ever meet. It follows on the heels of Ms. Sola's first novel, The Getaway That Got Away. I couldn't stop smiling and at some points laughing out loud. I've been waiting for the second novel for a while. It's about time.”

Jerry Bernstein, author of the kidnapping thriller, "Stolen From The Heart"

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"Vicki Solá knows how to tell a story.”

—late playwright and Obie Award Winner Louis Delgado



“Pure imagination!”

—Dave Valentín, late flutist extraordinaire



          “A super fun and whimsical story….I could tell that you spent a lot of time thinking about the world you were creating here, so kudos to you.  Your aliens were a ton of fun. I especially liked Flea….Has a nice conversational tone….The writing flows. The visual quality is especially commendable….The mixed-up malapropos that the aliens use were very funny….Some great things happening….a really fun read.”

—Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards,  

October 2013



 “Solá creates a winning and endearing character in Nicki Rodriguez, a weary, hardworking Latina DJ.   The Getaway That Got Away is funny, smart, and original.  Solá shows a masterful flair for vivid, detailed story telling and thought provoking narrative.”

—Ivan Velez Sneed, award winning filmmaker and director of

Indiscretion and Local Flavors



“Let Nicki take you away on a journey, if you will.  It’s entertaining, yet rare, when one blends elements of Sci-Fi, humor, and adventure as well as Solá.  It will fast become a reader’s favorite!”

—Louis Laffitte, WKCR-FM radio and Latin Beat Magazine



“Fasten your seatbelts, hold on for dear life and get ready to eat your coffee and drink your pie as you experience an adventure into the upside-down world of Perswayssick County (located somewhere beyond New Jersey, somewhere beyond planet Earth) and its lovable, quirky canine-humanoid characters.

THE GETAWAY THAT GOT AWAY by Vicki Solá is a beautifully written, imaginative tale of one disc jockey’s journey into a foreign world and her quest to just get herself home—even if it means dodging floating eyeballs, which are intent on destroying her!

“Humorous, thrilling and fast-paced, the reader will have a difficult time putting this book down, and will feel anxious, knowing as each page is turned, that the end of the story is nearing—you just won’t want the story to end!

“Read THE GETAWAY THAT GOT AWAY by Vicki Solá and you’ll agree, it’s the most fun you’ve had in a long, long time, and the worst part is that it has to end—you’ll just want the story to go on and on and on....”

—Ayme Butavia, author of HENRY’S LAW,

a novel of Good exacting Evil



            “I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  A gem, with great characters!  Have fun with Nicki’s travel to a parallel world where her hardships, integrity, and ingenuity are fully challenged.  Endearing and compelling.”




            “Vicki Solá proves that she has an incredible imagination with this exciting science fiction book!  She has a unique and enjoyable writing style. Once I picked the book up, I couldn’t put it down!  Wow!  The Getaway That Got Away is appropriate for preteens as well as adults.  I highly recommend it!  Five stars for fabulous!”

—Demetrios Kastaris, Latin Jazz Coalition leader and music educator



            “Solá’s imagination and sense of humor kept me turning the pages. The Getaway That Got Away is a modern day ‘Alice in Wonder-land,’ with the main character, Nicki Rodriguez, stuck in another dimension populated with strange beings, possessing their own weird lexicon.  It’s a laugh-and-a-half per page.  I can easily see the story converted into an animated movie.  The characters are that good!  I recommend it for preteens through adults.”

—Richie B.



            “Planet Eccchs!  Perswayssick County!  Here comes Nicki Rodriguez, better known as ‘Ig,’ as per Dr. B. Z. Z. Gneeecey.  Nicki is found in a world full of technicolor, and canine-humanoids that won’t let her go home.  The adventures of Nicki, Fleaglossitty, the mafia trio of Mark, Mark, and Mark, Culvert the duck driver, Cleveland, Flubbubb, and so many other characters keep the pages moving.  Let alone, the menu has some gourmet sandwiches to remember, and of course, the quick pick-me-up, Merk Perk….The good diroctor takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride.  But Nicki takes them all on—and she’s not dreaming….Fun reading for the Sci-Fi fanatic.  Enjoy, everyone...!”

—Awilda M. Santiago



            “Vicki Solá takes you on a comedic intergalactic adventure where the characters are funny and devious.  It…will have you laughing at those who run this parallel world of Perswayssick County, where things are opposite of what’s on our planet.”

—José Diaz



“I’m currently reading this book and enjoying it.  I get a kick out of the character names and made-up towns.”

—Evelyn Toro



            “Was it a dream?  Or did our heroine Nicki Rodriguez dimension-jump into a world ruled by canine-humanoids?  A world where a mouse might serve you your goonafish melt.  And where a duck drives a block-long limo. And where there’s a caped superhero with ESP and whipped cream addiction.  And of course, the Grate One, Gneeecey!  The Getaway That Got Away is a great read, from beginning to end.  All along, I kept wondering how much of this Sci-Fi novel is autobiographical.  Author Vicki Solá has a very vivid imagination!  She tells a great story!”

—Rick Rivera



            “I just love The Getaway That Got Away.  Ms. Solá has a way with words.  I find the book humorous and can’t put it down.  My daughter wants to read it next!”




Sooperflea stumbles over a fallen tree in front of his pal Gneeecey's dive of a restaurant, Gneeezle's. Illustration Copyright © 1996-2019 by Vicki Solá ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

"Bad morning to ya, Vicki. I'm enjoying your book and feel like I'm learning a whole new language, while experiencing an 'Exponential Dimensional Event' and 'Tripled Dimensional Displacement' in a 'Primary Dimensional Transgressor.'

"The Getaway That Got Away is outrageously amusing. It reminds me of Dr. SeussAlice in Wonderland, and Grimms' Fairy Tales, all wrapped up in one amazing adventure, and I'm only a third of the way through the book.

"Felicidades and thank you so much for the fun read."

Paz y salud, Sergiot

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"Z for zany!"            

"Derf" Goldstein

“A super fun and whimsical story…  I could tell that you spent a lot of time thinking about the world you were creating here, so kudos to you.  Your aliens were a ton of fun. I especially liked Flea…  Has a nice conversational tone… The writing flows. The visual quality is especially commendable…  The mixed-up malapropos that the aliens use were very funny… Some great things happening…a really fun read.”

Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards, October 2013

Planet Eccchs pals Sooperflea and Gneeecey greeting each other. Illustration © 1996-2019 by Vicki Sola

The sequel to The Getaway that Got Away is here!

Our brave protagonist, young Nicki Rodriguez discovers, quite accidentally, that she possesses quantum powers! And she won't

be takin' orders from Gneeeecey no mo'!


Illustration ©1996-2019 by Vicki Sola

And sho' 'nuff, Gneeecey ain't gonna be very happy 'bout that!


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