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Gneeeceyand Vicki Soláhere, welcoming you to Gneeecey.com, where you’ll find out about Vicki's laugh-loaded Sci-Fi Fantasy, The Getaway That Got Away (Full Court Press), and all  about wacky canine-humanoid Diroctor “Bizzig” Gneeecey, AKA The Grate One. We’re jam-packed with photos and drawings!





Springtime showers bring Gneeecey glowers!



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A letter to author Vicki:


"Bad morning to ya, Vicki. I'm enjoying your book and feel like I'm learning a whole new language, while exper-

iencing an 'Exponential Dimensional Event' and 'Tripled Dimensional Displacement' in a 'Primary Dimensional Transgressor.'


"The Getaway That Got Away is outrageously amusing. It reminds me of Dr. SeussAlice in Wonderland, and Grimms' Fairy Tales, all wrapped up in one amazing adventure, and I'm only a third of the way through the book. 


"Felicidades and thank you so much for the fun read."


Paz y salud,



The Getaway That Got Away



(Will Gneeecey ever learn to lock the bathroom door?)




BTW, "Gneeecey" is pronounced with a hard "G":  Guh - neeecey.

He worked hard to earn all the extra vowels, too! 



NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!


©2013 by Ana L. Alicea Photography







Tango is the new President of Gneeecey's Fan Club. Shown resting here, he's just finished reading four copies of The Getaway That Got Away.  He confided to his friend Ana that he wishes he resided in lovely Perswayssick County, where he'd be able to drive and maybe even run his own TV Network.  And restaurant.  And run for political office.  And boss humans around...



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