Gneeeceyand Vicki Soláhere, welcoming you to, where you’ll find out about Vicki's laugh-loaded Sci-Fi fantasy, The Getaway That Got Away (Full Court Press), and all about wacky canine-humanoid Diroctor “Bizzig” Gneeecey, AKA The Grate One. We’re jam-packed with photos and drawings!

(photo credit: Leo Osorio)

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Vicki Solá Collection

October 12th happens to be the actual birthday of the real Dr. B. Gneeecey, the inspiration for the character in Sola's fantasy novel, The Getaway That Got Away (Full Court Press) The real Gneeecey was a seventeen-pound Chihuahua-terrier mix who once actually walked across the room on two legs for a five-dollar bill.  The author snapped this formal photo of The Good Diroctor, taking his own medicine, after graduating from medical school. 

Hollywood, get ready for Gneeecey!!

Gneeecey photo bombs Ellen's selfie at the Academy Awards

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!

Tango is the new President of Gneeecey's Fan Club. Shown resting below, he's just finished reading four paperback copies of The Getaway That Got Away.  He confided to his friend Ana that he wishes he lived in Perswayssick County, where he'd be able to drive and maybe even run his own TV Network.  And restaurant.  And run for political office.  And boss humans around.........

©2013 by Ana L. Alicea Photography



The Getaway That Got Away



(Will Gneeecey ever

learn to lock

the bathroom door??)







Click below to watch Gneeecey perform a strange dance as he auditions for NASA:



Animation by Sandi Solá from The Getaway That Got Away Cover Illustration © 2011 by Jay Hudson